2 Must Have Major Players in a Healthy Skin Treatment Plan

At a local used bookstore I was searching for material on skincare and skin health when I realized most books on skin and beauty focus on makeup and anti-aging techniques.  The realm of actual skincare and skin health is largely left to physicians and dermatologists.  People dealing with skin conditions are given limited options when seeking medical advice, most of which include harsh chemicals or hormones that wreck havoc on the body over the long term.  Of course there are always instances when medical intervention and chemicals are required or beneficial however, anytime there’s room to empower a client to take back control of their health and get invested and knowledgeable about their own body, is an opportunity best not wasted.  So, without going into great detail, below I’ve introduced two systems in the body that are intimately linked with skin health and both can be improved with healthy diet and lifestyle habits.   

There are 2 major players in healthy skin that have been largely ignored in commonly prescribed skincare practices and products.  Beauty is much more than skin deep, it goes deep down into your guts and insides, both literally and figuratively.  Firstly, the liver’s ability to detoxify and cleanse the body is paramount to healthy skin conditions.  When overburdened or low functioning the body will find alternate ways to remove toxins including pushing it out through the skin.  The first ever Chinese Medicine Doctor I went to in Guelpth Ontario, described the liver as having as many little pores on it as does the skin.  And a blocked pore on the liver means a blocked pore on the skin and vice versa.  Therefore how well your liver is able to do its detoxifying job is just as important as what you put on your skin topically.  A comprehensive skincare treatment approach should include ways of draining and decongesting excess build up while simultaneously supporting the liver to reach its optimal detoxifying function. 

The next major player is your digestive system.  A well functioning digestive system means proper absorption of nutrients, a healthy immune system, and appropriate excretion of wastes.  All three of these actions help the whole body to be strong and healthy, including skin.  Maintaining healthy skin requires lots of nutrients and a good immune system to balance out bacteria and keep the skin protected.  A comprehensive skincare treatment program should address gut health to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients and proper allocation of waste and nutrient materials.

Both of these health systems can be addressed in a variety of ways whether it be through healthy diet and lifestyle practices for supporting the body and maintaining healthy function, or supplements to help clear issues and reset the body so your hard work at healthy habits has full effect, and stronger interventions such as alternative medicine care and laser treatments to resolve congested skin and more aggressively encourage cell turnover and renewal.  Whatever your chosen approach, including the liver and digestive system into your treatment plan will undoubtedly yield better results because what’s on the inside does count quite a bit!