Intimate Living

Paranoia strikes deep

Into your life it will creep

It starts when you’re always afraid

Step out of line, the men will come and take you away


It’s time we stop

Hey, What’s that sound?

Everybody look- what’s going down?


-Buffalo Springfield


It’s easy to get swept up in reactionary emotion and mental patterns that keep us stuck in the same place.  Pema Chodron offers us a way to better connect with clarity and compassion for the truth of our experience by simply stopping and doing something different.  She proposes that doing anything different to cause pause in a routine train of thought or behaviour will make space for new inspiration and a new trajectory.  Additionally, stopping and taking pause allows us to approach our adopted behaviours and attitudes with curiosity and compassion. A willingness to peel back the layers of narrative and self-protection opens us up to greater understanding of ourselves and of the human experience.  This practice connects us more deeply with ourselves and in turn with others so that we may begin to live in a more intimate and meaningful way.  In Chodron’s words, “whenever you see yourself spinning off in some kind of habitual way, you could aspire to catch yourself and to do something different as a way of cultivating compassion for yourself and compassion for others”.


Let everything stop your mind and let everything open your heart – Pema Chodron