Pillow Talk

You would be surprised by how dirty your pillow is.  Besides being a launch pad for your dreams, pillows are traps for dirt and dead skin cells that rest next to your face all night!  This fact makes your morning facial practice essential for healthy skin.  Using a cleanser and toner each morning ensures sloughing off the dirty bits and setting the face for the day.  But make sure you’re using a product appropriate for your specific skin type.  Whether it is sensitive, dry, oily or a combination you want a product that supports your particular pattern by encouraging skin renewal and healthy oil balance without stripping or aggravating existing concerns.  Over time a dedicated healthy skin routine and complementary diet and lifestyle choices will yield you desirable results.  So go ahead and enjoy the sweet soft invite of the pillow's caress, (stack 6 around your body as an elaborate adult swaddling technique practiced by many of my female friends) just remember to tone and cleanse after enjoying a long night’s slumber.


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