Healing Through Hearing- harmonizing with the water element

The ears are the sense organ of the water element  It is during the winter season of the water element that our ears are sensitive to the roar of the wind in the trees, or the crispness of a cold day that heightens every sound in the forest or the chill of the cold air when not wearing a hat.  To harmonize with the water element, retreat to the warmth indoors and the sound of slow-foods cooking on the stove.  Or take some quiet time to sit in silence and feel into the moment, connecting on a deeper level.

"Seeress" and goddess Medicine Mama, is one of NYC's most in demand healers.  Her life is full of rituals involving sound including crystal singing bowls, baths, and morning silence.  The crystal singing bowl is the most obvious experience of healing through sound.  The bath ritual begins with the sound of the tub filling, followed by whatever playlist serenades you through it. As for silence, a lot can be heard and healed when we quiet the usual noise that keeps our minds busy.  "Silence is a true friend, who never betrays us" ~Confucius  

Nourishment Ritual Bath by Mama Medicine

rose quartz crystal - spiriulina - orange rose petals (organic, fresh or dried)
1 cup sea salt - 1 cup coconut milk

light a candle, clear your energy with a selenite wand, play beautiful music or sing your gratitude, step into bath bath and dunk head underwater, sending gratitude out to everyone, everywhere and everything that nourishes your spirit - soak in the nourishment, gratitude, and love that you created