Understanding the Adrenals Better

As someone who has suffered from under functioning adrenals for the last decade, I have often wrestled with the term adrenal fatigue.  It strikes me as a misnomer, and I believe this interview explains why.  Dr. Aviva Romm talks about SOS, survival overdrive syndrome, where the adrenals are overproducing cortisol in response to sustained and high stress levels.  They key being, the adrenals area actually over functioning not under functioning or "fatigued".  But this over production leads to a whole set of imbalances to the interrelated systems of the body.  The presenting symptoms show some overlap with under functioning adrenals but are very different in some very important ways.  This is a really good read or listen (in podcast form as well) for both adrenal insufficiency and "adrenal fatigue" sufferers who are trying to understand their situation better.  I look forward to reading Dr. Aviva Romm's "The Adreanal Thyroid Revolution" for greater detail and what I'm sure will take a lot of note taking.  

These are complex issues and at least in my experience it has taken a complex, multi-tiered approach.  I work with my GP, a specialist, a counsellor, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and other complementary modalities as needed.  I am continually making changes to my prescription dosages, diet, habits, and lifestyle.  Better understanding the physiological systems involved and the mind-body-spirit connection has enabled me to make better choices that support my health and well-being.  Find what works for you and be an advocate for your health and well-being!