So grateful for all my incredible clients...

A whole lot better!

"I am a senior who cares about maintaining the activities that I enjoy. However, I am experiencing greater knee pain particularly in the right knee. Acupuncture treatment with Rebecca has made me feel a lot better. Recovery time to pain free is significantly shorter and I get to continue doing what I want to do.

I have recommended Rebecca to many people – she listens and she cares about you.

If you don’t take the opportunity to get help from her you will never know how much better your quality of life can be.

J. R.

Becci is a wonderful acupuncturist and my favourite alternative health care provider. I suffer with chronic headaches particularly related to changes in weather pressure. With her knowledge, genuine caring attitude and skill in acupuncture I feel relief almost immediately. Thank you Becci.

Liz C.

I had an unexpected fall off a scooter and landed in a ditch beside the road. Luckily nothing was broken but I was truly shaken, bruised and scraped and expected to be in pain for quite a while. I promptly saw Rebecca who addressed my state and gave me a comprehensive acupuncture treatment. I felt relaxed and though bruising did occur I did not feel pain. Amazing!

M. R.

My heart feels calm and my legs feel like day dreams.

10 year old client.