Making sense of your health and well-being.  The knowledge, tools, and support for finding greater ease and happiness. 

Together we can unpack what is going on for you and begin to address what your health problems are rooted in.

I'm here to help you understand where and how healing can happen.  I'll teach you the tools of self care and body awareness so you can build a maintenance routine that supports the things you care about most.

As someone who deals with Addison's, an autoimmune condition, and all the daily challenges a chronic illness brings.  I am very familiar with what it means to manage personal health and the healthcare system in search of options that foster quality of life as well as mitigating symptoms.  I give my clients the opportunity to tell their story and share the parts of themselves that they feel are being adversely affected so we can begin to address what matters to them most.  There are many ways to heal and promote good health.  There isn't one diet, one exercise or one approach to cure all.  Like life, health and wellness should be dynamic.  Teasing out what approach is the right one for the individual begins with caring, and Rebecca Reinhart cares about what's going on for you.  Where are you hurting? How long has that been going on for you?  How does this effect life and your enjoyment of it?  What makes it better? Or worse?  How are you feeling supported in life and where would you like to receive more?  Whatever the particular goal of the client, Rebecca Reinhart helps her clients come to an understanding of their health.  Through the use of clear and easy coaching and acupuncture, cupping, and tui na treatments, clients are empowered to discover greater energy and balance in life.

Rebecca Reinhart has a special interest in women's health- (fertility, prenatal and postpartum), autoimmune support, stress, depression and anxiety, general health-(headaches, indigestion, fatigue, and chronic pain).  Chinese Medicine has much to offer, please follow the get in touch link below to inquire or book an appointment and find out how it can help you. 

Tuesdays 3:00-8:00 @ The Nurture Collective in Parksville-

Wednesdays 9:30-2:30 & Thursdays 3-8 @ Hillside Massage in Nanaimo-


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"Rebecca is highly intuitive, sensitive to subtleties of one’s energy and remembers my needs from one visit to the next. She tells you honestly about what you need to do to prevent illness and to look after yourself."