Through the use of clear and easy coaching, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, electrostimulation, and tui na treatments, clients are empowered to build a self care routine that supports the things they care about most.

In practice I combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with a pain medicine approach and meridian therapy acupuncture techniques. Through compassionate inquiry, meridian palpation diagnosis, as well as tongue and pulse readings we can explore where there is disruption in the body. The goal of every treatment is to calm the nervous system and ensure the proper flow of Qi and energy in the body. Once shifted back into alignment and calm, the body will heal itself.

Ideally a patient receives two or three treatments in quick succession to initiate the healing response. Once a good response is established my recommendation is:

-Once or twice a week until symptoms are under control.

-Then every two weeks until symptoms are fully resolved.

-Then once a month or seasonally for maintenance.

Rebecca Reinhart treats chronic pain, stress, sleep, depression and anxiety, headaches, indigestion, fatigue, autoimmune support, and women's health- (fertility, perinatal and postpartum).  

Chinese Medicine has much to offer, please follow the get in touch link below to inquire or book an appointment and find out how it can help you. 

Tuesdays 3-7, Wednesdays 9-1 & Thursdays 3-7 @ Hillside Massage in Nanaimo-

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"Rebecca is highly intuitive, sensitive to subtleties of one’s energy and remembers my needs from one visit to the next. She tells you honestly about what you need to do to prevent illness and to look after yourself."